Traditions Keeper


Make UNT Memories

The UNT Student Alumni Association is all about achieving the fullest Mean Green experience. Through social, networking and professional development events, we connect members to their peers, accomplished alumni and UNT leaders.

And, through our Tradition Keeper program, members explore one-of-a-kind UNT traditions. As an SAA member, you’ll have access to our free “UNT Alumni” smartphone app, available through iTunes and Google Play. As you complete traditions, take photos and document your experiences in your book or through the app.

Become a UNT Tradition Keeper by checking off 40 or more campus traditions in the app to achieve the “Gold Level”. UNT Tradition Keepers receive a medallion to wear at their graduation. Achieving 25 completed traditions qualifies you for the white Experience level. Recipients are recognized with an honorary Tradition Keeper Lapel pin. The number of UNT Tradition Keepers grows every year. Start fulfilling the traditions today, because those are the memories you will talk about for years to come.

Achievement Levels


Green Level

10 Traditions + SAA Membership

SAA Decal and SAA T-Shirt with Membership


White Level

25 Traditions

Tradition Keeper Lapel Pin


Gold Level

40 Traditions

Tradition Keeper Medallion

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