Austin Chapter

The UNT Alumni – Austin Chapter invites area alumni to get to know their local Mean Green family and celebrate UNT during social, networking and family fun events.

The chapter does not require any additional membership or sign-up. You may register to attend any regional chapter event, regardless of your area of residence.

To join the chapter steering committee, email

Steering Committee Members

Amanda Adamez (’11) – President

Nova Adamson (’80)

Paula Arciniega (’12)

Jason Howeth (’12)

Cathy Jackson (’97)

Jonathan King (’10)

Rhonda Lawson (’87)

Taylor Lindholm (’15)

Megan Longbotham Young (’07)

Richard Loredo (’13)

Josh Moses (’18)

Marissa Moses (’01) – Secretary

Mark Neidig (’91)

Talya Paeglis (’12)

Ben Patterson (’97)

Adam Rosenfield (’10) – Vice President

Ron Stricklin (’90)

Cirenia Terrazas (’93, ’95 M.S.)

Marjolyn Varano (’11)

Don Ward (’94)

Grayson Huskey (’18)

Tommie Wilson (’05)