The UNT Alumni Association Houston Alumni Chapter invites area alumni to get to know their Mean Green family and celebrate UNT together. We host three events a year with a broad range of ages and interests represented.

You may register and attend any chapter event regardless of your area of residence. The Houston Alumni Chapter does not require any additional membership or sign-up.

If you’re interested in joining the chapter steering committee, email claudia.taylor@unt.edu.

Houston Chapter Steering Committee Members

John Barrera (’13)
Harry Bishop (’53)
Summer Davis (’05)
Anne Dolbee (’15)
Kasey Dorrian (’10)
Jessica Elizondo Matos (’08)
George French (’83)
Sam Golden (’74)
Travis Graf (’06)
Katie Grivna Donovan (’12)
James Guillory (’13)
Shana Kahn
Steve Kahn (’85)
Bob Kirkpatrick (’86)
Maggie Kirkpatrick (’84)
Linda Knox (’78)
Tyler Matos (’13)
Roberta Prado (’96)
Melissa Reiner (’14)
Jennifer Roberts (’99)
Marlon Scott (’86)
Robin Ward (’07)
Skyler Waychoff (’10)