The Austin Alumni Chapter invites area alumni to get to know their Mean Green family and celebrate UNT together.

The Austin Alumni Chapter hosts three events a year with a broad range of ages and interests represented. You may register to attend any chapter event regardless of your area of residence. The Austin Alumni Chapter does not require any additional membership or sign-up.

To join the chapter steering committee, email [email protected].

Steering Committee Members

Amanda Adamez (’11)
Paula Arciniega(’12)
Brad Bracken (’91)
Melissa Bracken (’89)
Bob Dean (’78)
Rhonda Dees (’99)
Gary Hampton (’18)
Jason Howeth (’12)
David Jackson (’97)
Cathy Jackson (’97)
Jonathan King (’10)
Rhonda Lawson (’87)
Chris Lee (’17)
Richard Loredo (’13)
Mark Neidig (’91)
Blake Pankonien (’02)
Adam Rosenfield (’10)
Xavier Sykes (’17)
Cirenia Terrazas (’95)
Don Ward (’94)
Chris Weimer (’13