Outrageous Outback

Date: Feb. 1–17, 2020
Trip: Sydney to Auckland
Trip Length: 14 nights
Starting Price: $6,899 with airfare
Cruise Line: Oceania Cruises | Regatta

Marvel at the world’s natural and cultural offerings aboard Regatta as Oceania Cruises’ takes you on an impressive fourteen-night voyage through Australia and New Zealand.  Learn More ›

Forests & Fjords of Alaska

Date: July 30–Aug. 10, 2020
Trip: Seward to Vancouver, BC
Trip Length: 11 nights
Cruise Line: Oceania Cruises | Regatta
Starting Price: $4,199 with airfare

Explore the forests and fjords of Alaska’s coastal cities on this unforgettable eleven-night trip aboard Oceania Cruises’ Regatta.  Learn More ›

Date: Aug. 28–Sept. 8, 2020
Trip: Copenhagen to Stockholm
Trip Length: 10 nights
Cruise Line: Oceania Cruises | Marina
Starting Price: $4,099 with airfare

Experience Baltic and Scandinavian culture, history, and scenery aboard Oceania Cruises’ Marina on this incredible ten-night cruise. Learn More ›

Adriatic Awakening

Date: Oct. 15–25, 2020
Trip: Athens to Venice
Trip Length: 9 nights
Cruise Line: Oceania Cruises | Marina
Starting Price: $2,799 with airfare

Explore the coastal cities of the eastern Mediterranean on this remarkable nine-night cruise aboard Oceania Cruises’ MarinaLearn More ›